With the upcoming release of Ste Essence - Seek Bromance ft Vicky Jackson on 26th April. Team Fidget caught up with Jas and Columb for a little chat.

First of all, thank you for contributing to the remix pack for this track. How does it feel now it's nearing release? You must be excited.
Very excited! To be asked to do our own take for this official remix package of Ste Essence's cover of Tim Berg’s ‘Seek Bromance’ was sick! It’s an awesome opportunity.

Tell us a bit about you.

We're two Cov lads taking on the world in a musical adventure.

What projects do you have going on at the moment?
Quite a few to be honest. Recently we had 2 tracks synced to a movie titled Carnivore which will be premiering in Leicester Square this spring and making it’s way to Cannes Film Festival 2016. The two tracks feature vocalists International Songwriting Award winner Dan Olsen and Tammy Weis. One that we are really excited about is our latest drum and bass single featuring Therese Grankvist. We’re also working on a new sound for the summer, which we are looking forward to releasing to everyone. One project to be precise is featuring Rekha, an awesome vocalist you guys need to watch out for!

Tell us about your most embarrassing moment?
Turning up to a meeting a week early, yeah… that happened.

If you could have a beer with anyone past or present who would it be and why?
Got to be 2 Pac! He’s the most entertaining & fascinating personality we’ve seen in the Music Industry. 

Favorite track past or present
At the present our favourite track we’re really vibing with is Matoma ft FRENSHIP - Knives, such an easy listening summery track! The vocals and songwriting are brilliant and the production is fantastic!

What is the most rock n roll thing to have happened to you to date?
Being invited down to Sonique’s home studio would have to be it so far. It was a great day and we even managed to work on some ideas together!

If you could have a super power, what would be?
To fly, because you could literally travel anywhere you’d want in the world.

What do you do to get away from music?
We don’t get away from music, the only time we get away from it is when we sleep!

What moment do you remember clearest from the last 10 years?
Breaking the top 20 UpFront Club Chart and Commercial Chart in Music Week with our first release All Through The Night which funnily enough was released off Fidget Music.

Anything else you want to say? Any shouts?
We’ve just had a House release on Istanbul Records called Vibin which is available on all major online music stores. We also have our remix of Cooops - Love Runs Deep coming out soon, this sound is really different from our usual sound, but it’s the direction that a lot of our productions are heading down at the minute, keep a watch on our social media.

We just want to thank Fidget Music for getting us involved on this project with Ste and Vicky who's always a pleasure to work with. We are happy to be on such a strong release along with Mau Kilauea, Paul Morrell and genius Barry Diston.