Fidget Black Logo

Today we are pleased to be launching “Fidget Black”; a new label imprint focusing on artist discovery and underground sound.

The Fidget Black imprint will be lean and agile, releasing newly-created, fresh music with the minimum of delay or hassle.

Fidget Records, born in 2002, created the pathway that led to Fidget Music, which was launched almost exactly a year ago. Fidget Music’s mission is to bring talented artists and good music to the forefront of the worldwide music industry.

Fidget Music has been a huge success with releases across several genres, a total of 4 Top 40 positions in UK charts and releasing music with cross-over potential. But this was never the only part of our vision.

There is a little black logo amongst the fidget colours and today we deliver the part of our plan that it was put there for.

“Never forget your roots”, the saying goes, and Fidget’s roots are in underground music, releasing to niche genres without an eye on commercial chart success. However, the infrastructure, promotional work and investment required to release music the way the main Fidget Music label does is not suitable for the quick release of fresh-from-the-studio, underground tunes.

Fidget Black is to be our release platform for emerging artists, and new music across all of the underground and commercially viable genres. From Hard House, to Hardcore. From Tech to Trap. We would like this to be a platform for artists to experiment, whilst having the option of cross promotion on the main fidget labels where music with emerging sounds can be pushed to the mainstream media and radio stations.

We are planning to mix up the rules on signing music too. Fidget Black will sign tracks in non-exclusive a way that leaves the actual rights of the music with the artist. The artists will be free to sign any future deals with whomever they like. A better deal for the artist, a better deal for their music.

Send us your music via our demos page.